7 Time Management Tips To Maximize Your Productivity

Sep 30, 2020

Use the following tips to maximize productivity, whether at work, school or home:

1- Start your day with a list of things you know you tend to waste time on. Keep the list nearby.
2- keep yourself from wasting this time, remove social networking apps from your mobile device’s home screen and the toolbar on your computer’s browser.
3- Every day comes with new tasks to accomplish. Make it easy for yourself to complete each task by taking life one day at a time.
4- It’s easy to start your day with the simplest tasks. It makes you feel like you’re accomplishing something even when you’re avoiding your big project.
5- Multitasking is a myth! If you try to do too many things at once, you probably won’t finish those tasks to a high standard. Plus, it could take you more time than if you simply focused on one task at a time, meaning you only hinder your productivity by multitasking.
6- Make Use of Dead Time, you could even use this dead time to work in your daily stress-relieving breathing exercises as long as you’re doing something productive.
7- To get the best advice on how to manage your time, consider reading time-management books. They’ll likely be more useful to you since they’re more in-depth. You’ll often find exercises to help you apply the concepts, too.