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the most informal way for individuals and groups to communicate . So, we have made it possible to connect team members of the entities in a simple and user-friendly manner.


  • Instant chats can be used to communicate with team members.
  • Allow persons from outside the institution to join the system, but with restrictions on the powers they can employ.
  • Identifying the scope of each user’s powers in the organisation on any screen or button in the system.
  • Keep a record of all system messages for future reference.
  • Instant messaging allows you to communicate with people from outside the company.
  • Saving system data on a regular basis allows the organisation to refer to old data at any time.
  • Communication between members of the same team and members of different teams who work together.
  • Allow users to add comments on sent messages, as well as reply to comments.


Distribute tasks based on each staff member’s abilities. A task management system is required for this. This allows knowledge of the volume of work and each employee’s capability during work implementation, clarifying the size and quality of achievement.


  • Manage and categorise tasks based on the group in charge of them.
  • Important data is safeguarded because each group is only responsible for reviewing its own tasks.
  • View tasks using the Gang Chart view to facilitate task tracking.
  • Allow any user to assign a specific task to another user with whom they are associated.
  • The system allows the group manager or system administrator to assign tasks to users outside the system, as well as track those tasks and attach attachments to them.
  • The system provides task modification tools to make it easier for the user who created the task to use it and for the user who follows the tasks to keep track of the tasks in an easy way.
  • The system allows for the recording and display of all steps that occur on any task for easy task tracking.


We’re focusing on providing the ten tools recommended by successful leaders for meeting success in terms of planning meetings in advance by preparing the meeting agenda and allowing opinions and discussion on each item on the meeting agenda at any time before the meeting begins.


  • Allow video and audio meetings with any team member or with members from outside the institution.
  • Adding a meeting agenda before the meeting with the availability of comments and adding attachments to the meeting agenda by all meeting attendees.
  • The ability to add votes prior to the meeting in order to display them and receive recommendations on them during the meeting.
  • The ability for team members to have an instant conversation during the meeting.
  • The ability to write recommendations while attending meetings or afterward.
  • The ability to extract official meeting minutes for any meeting that has been terminated while keeping the minutes on the system for each user who attended the meeting to view or download through the system.
  • The ability to convert any of the meeting’s recommendations into a task that the system transfers to the system’s task management department.

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