First Digital Pathology Software in Saudi Arabia & Middle East

Why HistoApp?

  • First Digital Pathology Software in Saudi Arabia and Middle East.
  • Help the pathologists to maintain the accuracy of the diagnosis.
  • Total automation of pathology pathway and foster collaboration between the medical labs in Saudi Arabia and all the expertise in the world.
  • Immediate access from anywhere with high quality whole slide images.
  • Share the Slides whole slide images with many people along with the pathologist’ annotations.
  • Central storage for the slides’ scanned images instead of glass slides archiving giving more advantages like increase the pathologists’ knowledge and specialization and gather a big data for research, teaching and training.
  • Utilizing the pathologists’ sub-specialties in Saudi Arabia and the entire region.
  • Reduce the errors by eliminating the breakage and wrong identification of the slides and the patients.

Main Functions for HistoApp:

  • Interface with most of the pathology slides scanners.
  • View the scanned glass slides (WSI) easily and immediately from anywhere and by any devices.
  • Annotate the images and save the pathologists’ comments.
  • Share the Slides images with any experts in the same time with discussion platform.
  • Fully automation for pathology requests from the order until the reporting.
  • Business intelligence dashboard for enhance the service and utilize the resources.
  • Ability for integration with any Lab information System.
  • Ability to integrate with any artificial intelligence algorithms for identifying different types of cancers.

System Benefits

  • Users Management
  • Data Management
  • Cases Workflow Management
  • WSI Management
  • Slider Viewer
  • Reports management

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