QA Testing Services

QA Testing Services

Our end-to-end software testing service lead by passionate software talented team of testers who love what they do. We create the testing plan, build the right team to execute, and help your developers focus on quality.

Why Innovative Development sees Software Testing is Important ?

  • Software testing helps us to find out the defects and failures in the software.
  • You can also say that testing is necessary to check whether the software or application produces the correct output.
  • It is also necessary to check about the quality of the software.
  • Software testing is also very beneficial to know about the customer’s reliability and also their satisfaction with the product.
  • Software testing helps us to provide a high-quality software with low maintenance as well as cost. It also ensures the accuracy and consistency of the product.

We sees also that all the testing Activities and Tasks are important to be implemented so we decided to go through :

  • Test planning : Test planning involves activities that define the objectives of testing and the approach for meeting test.
  • Test monitoring and control : Test monitoring involves the on-going comparison of actual progress against planned progress. and Test control involves taking actions necessary to meet the objectives of the test plan (which may be updated over time).
  • Test analysis : During test analysis, the test basis is analyzed to identify testable features and define associated test conditions. In other words, test analysis determines “what to test”.
  • Test design : During test design, the test conditions are elaborated into high-level test cases, sets of high-level. And Test design answers the question “how to test?”.
  • Test implementation : During test implementation, any test ware necessary for test execution is created and/or completed, including the test procedures.
  • Test execution : During test execution, test suites are run in accordance with the test execution schedule.
  • Test completion : Test completion activities collect data from completed test activities to consolidate experience. And Test completion activities occur at project milestones such as when a software system is released.

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