Website Development

Website Development

Using latest technologies; Innovative Development assists clients in investigating, defining, analyzing, evaluating and interpreting their needs into solutions that fulfill their requirements. We can either develop new websites addressing the stated needs or improve existing running ones.

Our Website Development Process

  • Business Requirements Assessment : This activity focuses on interacting with the business, gathering, analyzing and understanding the business and technical requirements. These requirements, in conjunction with any environmental dependencies will feed into the selection criteria for the technology and well as the generation of the solution architecture.
  • Technology Selection : This activity accounts for the findings of the Business Requirements Assessment and focuses on identifying the optimum technology framework on which the proposed solution will be built. This includes development technologies, all supporting infrastructure, integration components as well as capacity and reliability requirements. This activity in turn feeds into the solution architecture.
  • Solution Architecture generation : Incorporating the results of both the Business Requirements Assessment and the Technology steps, the Solution Architecture Generation activity focuses on generating a prescriptive documentation of the proposed solution. Further to the technological definition of the solution, this activity also investigates existing patterns of design and aligns the selected technologies and design with the rest of the organization.
  • Solution Architecture Finalization : This step is focusing on finalizing the whole architecture and reviewing all the developed solutions for making sure that the development team has achieved the solution design objectives like for example security, performance and interoperability. It’s including also a Code Review process that works for granting us a clean, enhanced code that has a low coupling with a highly cohesion .
  • UX-UI Process : UX (user experience) designers measure and optimize applications to improve ease of use (usability), and create the best user experience by exploring many different approaches to solve end-users’ problems. One way that a UX designer might do this is by conducting in-person user tests to observe behavior. They then reline and tweak apps, software and websites to create products that people like and is easy to use.A similar role is that of a UI (user interface) designer. However, UI designers focus more on designing the presentation and interactivity of a product. Some roles combine both UX and UI.
  • Development & coding process : The development phase is about writing code and converting design & architecture documentation into the actual software that we planned for.
    As we see that this stage of our SDLC is generally the longest as it’s the backbone of the whole project & process we always find that there are a number of vital things to pay attention to. So, we decided to care about this phase by using an effective Agile technique like SCRUM which grants an effective deliverable with the highest quality we planned to archive. And by using an effective deployment technique like depending on DevOps solutions as the continuous integration & continues deployment methodologies for the technical side which both methodologies are granting an effective fast delivery that meets the required quality.

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